How to Register a New Rec. Team

     As you can guess, you will need to fill in some paperwork; both for the Team itself and its players. To keep things simple we have assembled a Welcome Pack to get your new Team up and running in the shortest possible time. After all, you just want to play..... right?

But before you get there, here are a few thoughts for consideration:

  • You should first get the OK to run a Rec. Team from your Rink or Parent Hockey Club. Some Parent Clubs have a contract with the Rink for sole rights to run Hockey, so it's always best to check, then you can Secure your Ice Time for Training and Games, as well as confirming costs.
  • Decide upon a name for your new Rec Club
  • Start the process of opening a Club named Bank Account, using the criteria below
  • Request a Welcome Pack from us

 The Welcome Pack itself is sent by email and contains;

  •  A copy of the Rec Section Rules & Procedures Handbook, outlining the rules and procedures of the Rec. Section  (Sent by Email)
  •  A Handbook Acceptance and Data Protection Form (Must be completed & returned prior to access to Website)
  •  A player Registration Application Form and copies of any other forms you may require
  •  A copy of the EIHA Membership Form. (This guarantees your Club to pay a maximum or £50 to creditors should be parent EIHA become insolvent, and must be completed prior to access to Website)
  •  Also included is a pad of Game Sheets (Sent by Post)
  •  Your User ID and Password for this site, which will be forwarded to you in a separate e-mail once you first Player Registrations have been submitted and processed

To get things going, please fill in the New Team Registration Form. (.pdf link below)

By doing this, you will be giving us the information we need to Register your Club/Team with the EIHA, get your details onto the website site, and to issue user area ID's and Passwords.

There is an initial cost for this Welcome Pack of £17.00 which is a one off payment to cover the costs of the administration, postage and the Game Sheet Pad within. This payment may come by personal cheque, full details below

To ensure your Welcome Pack arrives quickly please write your email addresses clearly, and as they appear on emails i.e. or etc

NOTE: By submitting the Form you will be giving permission for the Contact information to be posted onto the publicaly viewable area of this website. This information will not be passed/sold onto any 3rd party by the EIHA.


     To request a "Welcome Pack" simply download the Request Form

Fill it in, and send it with a cheque for 17.00 made payable to; EIHA Rec Section to; 

EIHA Rec. Section
86 Rushdean Road

With all of the above sorted, you now need to obtain a Bank Account for your Club

This process can take some time (approx 6-8 weeks), so it would be good to start early.

There are some very specific requirements to take into account with this so please read carefully, as non compliance will slow your progress to get your team and players up and running.

You will need to open a 'Club/Team Named' Bank Account e.g. a Lloyds Club & Charities Account.

These types of accounts do not incur and Banking Fees

DO NOT get any type of Business account

This account MUST be capable of Internet Transfers and this facility needs to be requested, as it is not always automatically included in the set up of an account

Mobile APPs MUST NOT be used for transfers as they do not display the same as an Electronic Internet Transfer

The account MUST be opened in the Full Club/Team Name

E.g. If you Club/Team name is going to be Toronto Maple Leafs Ice Hockey Club

the Account name must be “Toronto Maple Leafs Ice Hockey Club

Not - Toronto
Not - Maple Leafs
Not - Ice Hockey
etc, etc, etc

It MUST be Toronto Maple Leafs Ice Hockey Club - As using only part of the name may cause difficulty in identifying where payments come from, e.g. if two teams from the same area just use Toronto.

Using this account for all of your Team/Club business, also ensures that the transactions in and out are traceable, i.e. Ice, Player Subs, Registrations etc which is a good safeguard for whoever is responsible. Should any Cash payments be needed a paper Reciept book is advised

Once you have the Welcome Pack and the Account is open with Internet Transfer ability, please follow the Player Registration procedure to register your players; taking care to read the Welcome email too, as procedural updates may be included in that.

Good luck and we’ll see you on the ice