How to Register a New Rec. Team


If you are looking to form a NEW Recreational team, please read through this info first.

This is the basic information to start the process, with you as the Team Manager.

Some things you should consider in preperation;


  • Investigate whether you can have a regular ice booking, with your local rink.


  • Consider a Club Code of Conduct. These can help set standards and expectation within the club with regard; include Discipline, Finances and general expectation of behaviour.


  • Get a Club/Charity Bank ccount set up in the Full Name of the Team/Club. These can take a while to process, so should be one of the first things you start with.  Also having two signatories on this account is a good idea for security. It is best practice to run all financials though an account and not deal in cash where possible. eg Monthly Player Subs in and Rink payments out etc, This is so you have a record of where it all goes.


Once the points above are in motion, please complete the following tasks before attempting to complete the New Team Application form;


  • The EIHA GDPR/CPD Course - The certificate of completion will need to be uploaded to the Application Form.

        You will need to sign up for the EIHA Education Program and pay for the Course.

        The Rec Section will then reimburse you this cost.

        The course can be found here; (login and search for GDPR or CPD)

        English Ice Hockey Association Education Program: Log in to the site (


  • Read and fully understood the Rec Section Rules & Procedures Handbook.

       The Handbook can be found here;

        Rec Section Rules & Procedures Handbook RP1 v3.0.pdf


  • In addition to the above, an EIHA Affiliation must be completed. (No charge)

       Once your team becomes a member of the EIHA, they can attend and vote at AGM's etc.

       The certificate you receive by email will need to be uploaded to the Application form 

       The Affiliation Form can be found here;

       EIHA Affiliation Form


The items above, must be completed before attempting to complete and submit the New Team Application form; as certificates are produced and emailed to you, which need to be uploaded onto the form.

The New Team Application form is available here;

Rec Section New Team Application


Should you wish to add another contact for the team, this can be done by sending the link below to the person you wish to be come that contact. This position will be called Game Co-ordinator, but the access to the site is the same for both this and the Manager role.

The New Team Contact or Contact Change Form can be found here;

Rec Section New Team Contact Or Contact Change Form