Rule 233: Players Helmet

   During the game and the pre game warm up, all players must wear a hockey helmet..... This new paragraph to rule 223 incorporates IIHF INTERPRETATION BULLETIN No.4 into the rule book

Should the helmet of a player come off while play is in progress,  the player may not be permitted to participate in the play except if he replaces the helmet on his head with the chin strap properly fastened.

If the player continues without his helmet he will be assessed a Minor Penalty (2 Min)

Rule 227: Mouth Guard

It is recomended that all players wear a custom-made mouth guard.

All players in the age category under 20, and not wearing a full face mask, must wear a custom made mouth guard.

Rule 233(a) Goal Keepers Blocking Glove

The maximum dimensions of the protective padding attached to the back, forming part of a blocking glove shall measure 41cm (42cm) in length.

Rule 233(b) Goalkeepers Catching Glove

The maximum dimensions of the catching glove shall measure 41cm (43cm) in length 23cm (21cm) in width in any part of the wrist cuff (area) which will have a minimum height of 11.5cm.

Distance from the heel along the pocket to the top of the T trap: 48cm.

Maximum perimeter of 122cm.

Rule 234: Goalkeepers Helmet and Face Mask

Goalkeepers Face Masks in Senior and Junior 20 Categories must be constructed in such a way that a puck (nor stick blade) may not get through it.

Rule 235: Goalkeepers Leg Guards

The goal keepers leg guards shall not exceed 30.5cm (30cm) wide when on the leg of the goalkeeper.

Rule 240: Uniforms

Sweaters, including the sleeves, and stockings shall be of the same colour.

Rule 260: Measurement of Equipment

The Referee may, at any time and at his own discretion, measure any equipment.

The Referee shall make the necessary measurement immediately.

However, no goal shall be disallowed as a result of any measurement.

Such a request shall be limited to one (by each) team at any stoppage of play.